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my friend and i went walking in the forest

cam, me, leonie, clintos aaaages ago. dedicated to international women’s day 2014.

cam, me, leonie, clintos aaaages ago. dedicated to international women’s day 2014.

pussy patrol - for international women’s day rtrfm 92.1

when i was thinking about international women’s day i was driving in my car with a swedish model next to me. he said “amber, you dictate what you want to say and i’ll write it down for you” except he said it with a great swedish accent.

then a car went in front of us with a sticker on the back windscreen that said “pussy patrol”. and at the same time my friend also noticed there were cat footprints on the windscreen of my car.

so there we were, the pussy patrol and the pussy patrol, racing along the freeway together.

sometimes when i look at the posters walking up the stairs to the local record store i get a bit sad. the women have their tops off, but the men get to stay warm and cottony. and sometimes when i read street press and they say “local girl band” i get sad too.

but when i think about all my friends that are women and that make music in the city i feel really really good, because there’s dianas and hayley beth and mei saraswati and kucka and cat lips and felicity groom and lucy peach and abbe may and lil leonie lionheart and astral travel and wind waker and a million others in the past, present and future.

we’re not on patrol, we’re just hanging out in our lounge rooms, making music, keeping our tops on and letting each other dictate what we’re going to say, together with our men friends, to make the world sound and be in just the way that makes it best for all of us.

(i’m amber fresh from rabbit island, and you’re listening to drastic on plastic.)

ah… me and nick made a calendar. nick did the drawings. there’s copies at, but not heaps :) it’s a story. x

ah… me and nick made a calendar. nick did the drawings. there’s copies at, but not heaps :) it’s a story. x

Doctopus Live at Metros Freo/Doctopus Pre-game Texting/Electric Toad Encore Kevin, Gumby, Felicity, Nick, Green Man, Ringham, Steve, John etc,  12.12.12

Freshie Island - Doctopus for Freshie Island


ok, so here it is, the next installment. doctopus are one of my all-time favourite bands in perth, amongst a whole heap of all-time favourites. jeremy holmes, stephen bellair, and john lekias play intensely goodtimes garage with a solemn edge if you’re willing to look for it, always with buttloads of feeling, sweating like pork chops and sometimes with steve getting emotionally intimate with the crowd. there’s occasionally some hiphop references in the onstage banter, usually some bad jokes, and always 100% realness with a capital R.E.A.L. humility and confidence. best people, best music. 

freshie island (me and my iphone) interviewed them just before their first show of the tour supporting ~P~O~N~D~ and soon to be joined on tour by Peter Bibby whose interview i’m still trying to get down to 10megabugs so i can upload it onto here.

conversation begins mid conversation about some blue cheese meal steve had

john: how was it?

steve: good but it’s making me feel like i got a stinky breath

john: probably because you have stinky breath, from the blue cheese

amber: hang on i’ve started recording 

steve: yeah, go on amber, you gotta ask a question, that’s how interviews work

amber: well, i made chicken parmigiana with blue cheese on top yesterday 

steve: yum!!

amber: yeah. that’s not a question

john: i got a question, stephen what’s your pin number? (steve is at the a.t.m. getting cash monies) 

steve: haha i can’t tell you, but i can tell you i make a lot of parmigianas, whenever i do i always think to myself “and the parmi never stops! and the parmi never stops

amber: that’s great. hey ah… how do you feel about playing to potentially, ok we’ll say 500 people, for your last two songs.

john: 500 people?

steve: ahh

john: ahh… i feel sorry for those 500 people 

steve: if there’s 500 people i’m really nervous, don’t say that to me right now amber!

amber: sorry, sorry!

steve: it’s too much for me

amber: what’s your favourite song?

john: what, just ever?

amber: christmas song.

john: ok, ah little saint nick. the beach boys version 

amber: i thought you said “little satan nick!” i was going to say, i don’t think that’s a christmas song!

john: hey, where i come from it’s a christmas song 

amber: stephen bellair? 

stephen: i like “walking in a winter wonderland”

amber: oh yeah cool

stephen: it’s classic

amber: what’s your favourite pond song? 

(we’re on the street so of course we bump into some friends! grace and olivia and buddies! stephen tells them “we gotta go to bloody metros!” and i turn off the recorder for a bit and somehow we lose lekias (legolas) in the mix….)

amber: where did legolas go? 

stephen: he’s gone to get cash out

amber: ok, let’s..

stephen: yeah lets get personal

amber: what’s your favourite thing about yourself? 

stephen: about myself? umm… well i’m trying to… someone told me that if anyone is late when they’re waiting for them that they take it personally because it’s like their time is more important than my time, and so i’m trying to not be late. and i’m doing a pretty good job!

amber: oh, that’s cool!

stephen: that’s a good thing. it’s like a personal achievement because i used to always be late

(smack! high five sound!)

amber: that will come out, on the recording

stephen: high five!

amber: you can hear cam farting in another one 

stephen: gross!

amber: sorry, sorry i shouldn’t say that hey

john: so ah steve, because i had to buy all the drums stuff today…

stephen: you need money for dinner?

john: i maxed out my card and i can’t withdraw anything

amber: what drum stuff did you have to buy?

john: i didn’t have to buy it, but i bought my first ever drum. it was a snare drum

amber: oh cool. better than cymbals

john: hey! don’t… 

stephen: poor cymbals!

amber: nah they got their place

john: yeah, absolutely. is that jeremy bourhill? (more buddies on the street!)

amber: ok quick sign off!

john: alright, ah god speed

amber: he looks like a scientist

and! you can download doctopus’s album buddies right here: doctopus buddies give them money, they obviously need it! their next album wobbegong is already in the works, recorded and mixed again by joey ryan

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